• Shipping Agents at all Major Ports of India.
  • Freight Services for all Imports & Exports of Cargo via Sea, Air, Road or Rail.
  • N.V.O.C.C. Operations & International Freight Forwarding.
  • Customs Clearing & Forwarding.
  • Transshipment Services.
  • Door to Door Services.
  • Hazardous Goods Handling.
  • Special Equipments such as Open Top, Flat Rack, Reefer & ODC Container.
  • Complete Project Cargo Management.
  • Crating, Processing, Packing, Storage, Warehousing & Distribution.
  • Supply Chain Management Solutions.
  • Vessel, Tug, Barge, Chartering
  • Break Bulk, Conventional, RORO Vessel.
  • Multimodal Transport Operators.
  • P & I Services and Other Allied Activities.
  • Machineries, Equipments Positioning, Turnkey Solutions.
  • Removal & Re-installation.
  • Tanker Operations.
  • Oversize & Sensitive Cargo Handling.
  • Inland Trucking Services.
  • Cargo Insurance.

Advisory and Consultancy Services:-

With regard to Consultancy Services, we provide Advisory / Consultancy Services in the field of Export / Import, SEZ, STP, EHTP, BTP & EOU Schemes, SVB finalization and other regulatory matters. We also undertake registrations of IT / ITES units and Manufacturing units under the above mentioned schemes. In this connection, we request you to go through our website: Email: wherein you can get more detailed information and the activities of the said Consultancy Firm known as M/s. C & S Consultancy.

Other Services:-

Charter Party Agreement: 

International Trade through sea can be categorized into two which are as follows:-

1. Break-Bulk Shipments

2. Containerised  Shipments.

Break-Bulk Shipments can be effected through Liner Trade and Tramp Market.

Liner Trade is the one where the ships trade regularly on advertised routes, with much of their trading taken up by carrying the parcels which is now not in existence. However, the Containerised Shipments are now catered through the LINER TRADE.

Tramp Market is where ship owners scan the market for suitable cargo on a voyage by voyage basis with either dry cargo such as rice, coal, sugar and steel or wet cargo, which consists mainly of oil based products.  It is in the dry cargo tramp-shipping sector that “Freight Links Shipping Agency” Chartering specialises. 

Chartering may be defined into Voyage Charter, Time Charter and Bare-board Charter and all of them are governed by the Charter Party Agreements in relevance to the fixture requirements between the Charterers and Ship-owners. 

The maritime field is extremely broad and brings about the relationship with variety of people with varying levels of experience from the many different aspects of shipping.  The important requirements at the time of entering into Chartering Agreement are Clean Background, Legal frame work to fulfill the basic responsibilities whether for “Time Charter” or for “Yoyage Charter” through a set of defined guidelines and work-practices, primarily by assessing the description of vessels to suit the types of cargo for chartering purpose.   “Freight Links Shipping Agency”  is expertised to bridge the link between the Shippers and the Ship-Owners to enter into the Charter Party Agreement and their expertise in Admirality Law and Arbitration are added strength.

Claims Processing:

Imports or Exports have their uniqueness when it comes to protecting cargo interest. Right from intimating various related agencies like the Custodian (be it Port or Airport or a Terminal Operator), Carrier, Customs and the Underwriters well within the stipulated time to protecting the recovery right are actions to be initiated in the right way at the right time to ensure that a cargo claim is not rejected for technical grounds.

Freight Links Shipping Agency, is well versed with the procedures and practices to be adopted for protecting the interest of their clients even though we would take all efforts to avoid such an eventuality by taking all precautions.

Filing and Processing of Claims with Insurance or the Carrier or the Custodian are undertaken by us till final settlement.


Indian Rules and Regulations are complex and there are certain specific provisions to be complied with depending on the commodity and at time the nature of import or export. There are also country specific requirements that need to be followed. Certain items like Second Hand goods mandates certificate from inspection agencies. When the imports are from related parties where the seller and the buyer are related to each other the valuation of the import goes through the scrutiny of Customs. This involves an elaborate documentation by Customs which is a complicated process. This is undertaken by us.

Various Export Promotion Schemes are available in India and we proudly will associate with the clients to guide them with the most appropriate Scheme that would suit them. This helps in finalising the right Scheme both for import and export to augment financial resource.  

On the Shipping front Freight Links Shipping Agency offers to advise not only the best mode of international transport but also the most competitive freight and the best of transit time. Freight Links Shipping Agency presents to its clients multiple options for ocean carriage and air transport to ease their job.

On the Pre-Shipment side, we also assist in preparation of documents, packaging, palletisation, fumigation, legalization, surveys and inspections whenever desired or required.

As regards to Post-Shipment, we monitor vessel sailings, feeder connectivities, export scheme or draw back, follow up and release of Bills of Lading. 


Freight Links Shipping Agency has very good relationship with many underwriters and would be able to offer very competitive insurance rates when required by clients. We also undertakes settlement of claims on behalf of importers and exporters right from filing to settlement.

Opening Letter(s) of Credit:   

Now, there are various ways for International trade which are regularized throughout the years by restrictive measures imposed by individual countries for self-protection, economic, political, trading or other reasons.

Poor economic conditions in a number of developing and other countries often require special measures to protect the interest of “international traders” in tightening import restrictions, bilateral payment agreements, etc.,  One of the tool to carry-out the international trade is through  “Letter of Credit”

Letter of Credit will be non-transferable, confirmed, irrevocable, on sight.  Depending on the credit-worthy of the counterparts,  credit L/C also exists at present and Freight Links Shipping Agency is qualified to act as a facilitator for undertaking the Letter of Credit requirements between Centralized / Private Banks and the Trading organizations.

We provide a commercial management and consultancy to the users with a  specialist advisory service for opening of Letters of Credit  in relevant to the terms and
Conditions to suit the requirement of the Clients.

Order Placing

Freight Links Shipping Agency through its subsidiary JLC Trading Co., can place orders on behalf of our customers directly with various suppliers across the globe. The entire follow up including, receipt of invoices, opening of L(s)/C various payments towards cost of goods, freight, insurance & subsequent movement of the cargo up to importers door will be taken care of. At all stages, customers are provided with periodic feedback in a form they prefer.

Post Shipment follow ups:

Our job simply doesn’t end with clearance, it follows with

  • Trans-Shipment Delivery Status
  • Shipment Status
  • In Break Bulk, Carnage Refunds.
  • In DBK with customs settlement of  DBK
  • Periodical updating on DEPB, DFRC, and VKGUY bills filed within period of three months.


The Indian Customs offers various exemptions from Duty. The Duty structure is too complex and there could be occasions where a higher duty could be collected by Customs. To claim refund of such excess duty is a cumbersome and lengthy process involving various stages. Freight Links Shipping Agency strength lies in assisting in the entire process of refund.


Freight Links Shipping Agency through its subsidiary JLC Trading Co., also undertakes trading of cargo. Apart from the company’s own activities, we can also on behalf of our clients enter into exclusive agreements for the sourcing of cargo from various locations as per their requirements. The entire range of services including placing of a purchase order, invoicing, opening of Letters of Credit, Insurance, Shipping & Delivery to customers can be undertaken.


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