Freight Links Shipping Agency, Stevedore Division is responsible for providing and directing waterfront activities of loading and unloading vessels.

As a service organisation, our Stevedore Division relies on its long history of professionalism to serve both large and small shippers. We emphasize on efficiency, adaptation, innovation, sense of community and high commitment to quality services among our objectives for continued excellence. Our branch office is known for its stevedoring operation in Break Bulk Cargos like Coal, Iron Ore Lumps, Iron Ore, Pellets, Sugar, Logs and Wheat. All our branch is also equipped with Trailers, Tipper, Pay Loaders, Escort Cranes and Human Power.
Freight Links Shipping Agency personnel are experts at managing and handling every form of cargo. This expertise comes from handling millions of tons of bulk and break bulk annually, including:

Bagged Bulk Cargo: Wheat , Raw, Cashew, Cement, Sugar, Salt, Maize, Pulses and Perishables etc.

Break Bulk Cargo: Timber logs, Iron, Iron-Ore Lumps, Granite Blocks, Iron-Ore Pellets, Aluminium, Copper and Brass Scrap, Food Grains (Raw Cashew, Wheat, Maize) and Fertilizers (MOP, DAP and Urea etc.) Steel, Project Cargo and General Cargo.

Containerised Cargo : Timber Logs, Tiles, Granite Slabs, Pulses, Raw Cotton and Cotton Yarn, Onion, Pulses, Dry Chilies, Fruits and Perishables etc.

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